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Hair Salon Tampa FL More Pedicure Tips

Tampa FL hair salon pedicureTIP # 4 MOISTURIZE
In order to obtain a wonderful result and get fabulous feet, massage your skin with a moisturizing cream all over and use it every day. A good moisturizer is extremely important in maintaining proper hydration of your skin. It is best to avoid moisturizers that contain alcohol. Alcohol is often added to skin care products to make them absorb faster, but the drawback is that the alcohol counteracts the product’s ability to moisturize your skin, and causes it to dry out instead. Applying a good moisturizer after a bath or shower and then putting socks on your feet, will allow the cream to penetrate and be fully absorbed into your skin. Your feet will feel soft and smooth in the morning and ready for those open toe shoes. 
We often choose style over comfort, but if ill-fitting shoes are worn too often this can lead to permanent damage or other problems such as circulatory issues. It is important to pay attention to buy shoes that fit well and don't scrunch your toes or cause blisters. Go for stylish shoes that are comfortable and will keep your feet happy!
pedicureTIP # 6 GO BAREFOOT 
Kick off your shoes and go barefoot every now and then. This will avoid moisture in your feet, and give your feet a chance to breathe and feel refreshed.
Our feet deserve special treatment; treat them to a pedicure at our Tampa FL hair salon! Indulging in a soothing soak and foot massage will improve blood circulation, and relax those tired feet. A relaxing spa pedicure on a regular basis is a pampering treat that will keep your feet healthy and beautiful.
Visit our Tampa FL hair salon for the best pedicure and to learn more tips to keep your feet looking beautiful!


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