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Hair Do Hair Extensions

hair do hair extensions
At Hello Beautiful, we understand that the difference between boring hair and beautiful hair is only a few hairpieces apart!  We are pleased to offer Hair Do Hair Extensions by Ken Paves for Hairuwear as a means of adding volume, length, and amazing style to your look.  
Our clip in hair extensions and hairpieces are available in both 100% human hair and Kanekalon Vibralite modacrylic fiber. This is the finest quality synthetic fiber available. Guests to our salon in Tampa love that these hair extensions are virtually undetectable, affordable, lightweight and easy to attach. They can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes. You can easily transform the appearance of fine, lifeless or short hair into thick, long, beautiful looking hair. 

       Imagine the possibilities!
Human hair clip in extensions
Clip in Bangs and Human Hair Fringe
Clip in Volumizing systems
Wrap around ponytails
Clip in hair color
Hairdo by Ken Paves for Hairuwear  sets the standard for alternative hair fashion.  Key says, "As a celebrity stylist, making women look and feel fabulous is my job, my clients love this look - incredibly sexy hair that's a snap to wear."

What makes Hairdo hair extensions unique?
Hairdo’s one-piece extension systems allow women with short to medium hair to instantly and effortlessly achieve long and glamorous hair, or a different hairstyle all together. Hair Do systems attach to your hair using pressure sensitive clips that cause no damage to your hair and are super secure.  These hair additions are very affordable and star-quality.  You can get a flawless, undetectable look effortlessly.
Do the extensions come in different styles?
Yes!  They are available in different curl patterns, lengths, and a wide variety of colors. The systems allow you to go from short to long but they can also be used to add volume.


Hello Beautiful offers some of the best hair extensions in Tampa!  With the versatility and variety of Ken Pave's Hairdo line, you can achieve amazingly gorgeous hair and a customized style....in just minutes!   Make an appointment today and shop our beautiful selection.

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