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Back Facial Tampa FL

back facial Tampa FL


One of the most often neglected areas of the body is the back, but a back facial from our Tampa FL hair salon and spa is an excellent treatment that will leave your back feeling refreshed and looking beautiful!  It is specifically designed to target the special concerns that often plague the back area.   Because this area is notoriously hard to reach, it can be difficult to cleanse and moisturize.  Even with exfoliating scrubs and long handled bathing accessories, there are always some areas that just remain out of reach.  This can lead to a build-up of dead dry skin and other toxins that can cause clogged pores, acne and unsightly pimples.

A back facial from our spa will effectively exfoliate dead skin and rough patches and remove those not so attractive clogged pores.   Your relaxing treatment will begin with warm towel compresses.  Your back will then be cleansed with specialized products, and then a vapor exfoliation will gently remove lifeless skin cells and impurities.  Your skin will feel thoroughly rejuvenated as well as soft and clarified.   Your back facial concludes with a custom body mask and re-hydrating moisturizer that leaves you feeling pampered.  For anyone suffering from back acne, this is an amazing facial treatment that can have dramatic benefits in the appearance of your skin.  You’ll also experience the positive effects of improved circulation and new skin renewal, in addition to the relaxation that comes from a gentle massage.  

This is a perfect facial for both men and women guests to our Tampa spa.   It’s especially effective to schedule before a vacation when you plan to spend lots of time in a swimsuit or before a special event if you are planning to wear a dress with a super low back.   Your skin will look radiant and glowing!   Make an appointment at Hello Beautiful today!


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